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jose with what exiting chief moore has to say. >> reporter: well, chris mirror. moore is up stairs packing his boxes. he has worn the badge from ev y every -- from every rank in the police department, he is hanging it up after 30 years as a cop. >> probably melencoly is the best description. when you are in this line of work, for as longs abeen in it, you realize how fortunate you are. >> his last badge was the proudest and most difficult, the golden badge of the chief. >> coming into a scenario where the public was concerned about the relationship of the police department. i think we have improved the relationship with the community substantially. >> while that relationship improved, his relationship with the rank and file got worse. more than 100 veteran officers resigned from the department last year. angry with the city they felt was taking their benefits away and the chief whom they felt was not defending them inside city hall. they questioned his leadership, moore's advice to city hall now? >> it's my hope that they recognize that the police officers here are really good, an
coming up. >> after 27 years with the force, san jose's top cop officially stepped down. chris moore announced last year he would retire on january 18th. he leaves behind a city that leaves behind one of the deadliest years. esquivil said he is not interested in taking the top job full time. just as an interim. >> a story from yesterday, san jose police say that the woman that lied about the attempted kidnapping of her young daughter may not be charged until next month. filing a false police report is only a misdemeanor in california. >> big waves are rolling in to half moon bay and so are the best surfs. mavericks is going to go forward after being called off for two years. why these waves could be tronger than usual. >> the water is calm, giving little sign of the waves to come. but the contest director said that on sunday the action is here. >> i'm excited. i was up checking the buoys this morning and this swell has hit hawaii. and that means it's on its way here. we are really stoked and a lot of people are coming into town today. >> to watch 24 of the best big wave surfs compete
. hitting home in the nation's capital. brian moore, nbc news, washington. >> the senate is set to begin hearings on gun control debate next wednesday. and supporters of gun control gathered in the bay area as part of the nationwide effort. >> gun control now! gun control now! >> the members of the grass roots group called one million moms for gun control, committed to passing what they call common sense gun control laws in the united states. >> no one can stand on the sidelines any more, this effects everybody. no one is safe from this, as long as military style assault weapons are available legally in this country. >> members are pushing for a ban on military style assault weapons, a limit in the amount of ammunition that can be sold and more thorough background checks. >>> there's also big response to a gun buy back event on the peninsula. it was sponsored in part by congresswoman jackie speer, also a victim of gun violence. monte francis has the results of today's buying back. hello. >> good evening. this event ended at 2:00. organizers netted 680 guns, including 24 assault weapons.
chief soon. i texted the police chief, current price chief, chris moore to see if he may be able to stay on for another couple of months while the search continues. he told me it is not likely but he's not spokenen to the city manager. i saw him this afternoon so maybe they had the talk here at city hall. we'll find out. live in san jose, damian trujil trujillo. >>> another story you'll see only on nbc bay area, a grieving south bay family wants to know why they're not getting the answers about their son's death. jackson madsen was killed on december 23rd by a hit-and-run driver at campbell and santa monica expressway. the chp is on the case, but the family says they've been given no information on the investigation. the chp tells us they're working on getting nor leads. investigators are looking for a white gmc truck with damage to the front end. if you have any information, you're asked to contact the chp. >>> in it oakland, the man accused of setting his girlfriend on fire now faces formal charges of arson and attempted murder. 22-year-old dexter oliver face tszed a judge pleaded in t
because chief moore is leaving the job on january 18th. the goal is for the city manager to present a top candidate to the city council by the end of this month. the new chief will be tackling high crime and low morale, all on a shrinking budget. today the city manager asked the council to approve questions for the new candidate that address everything from working with police unions to community policing but the president of the san jose police officers association called them softball questions. >> didn't see one word about murder. didn't see one word about rising crime rates, didn't see the word "exodus." we've had hundreds of officers leave over the last few years. >> reporter: he says what the department needs is a leader who will stand up to the mayor and council. and that's not a question the council will ask in its quest to find a new chief. chris mohr leaves the job as chief after less than two years, and some say that's the big question the council really needs to ask a candidate is how long do you plan to stay here at this department? reporting live in san jose, maryann favreau
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5